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Stony Plain and District Crime Prevention Association

February 2022 Newsletter

Stony Plain and District Crime Prevention Association (SPDCPA) had a busy 2021. We are the umbrella group that includes East Parkland Crime Watch Association, Golden Spike Rural Crime Watch Society, Blueberry District Crime Watch Association and Holborn and Area Community Crime Watch Association, which includes Jackfish Lake Management Association. We network with the Parkland RCMP, Parkland County Peace officers, Lightcatch and West Parkland Gas Co-op.

Events and Happenings from 2021

SPDCPA has been developing a new website with Websmithian Website Design and Consulting of Spruce Grove. We are excited to be near completion of this project and we will be launching the new site in February, so please check out our site. Included will be information about each of the groups under our umbrella as well as links to great resources from Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association, RCMP, LightCatch, and several other organizations.

SPDCPA is very pleased to continue our support and networking with Darren from Lightcatch. The collaboration between Crime Watch groups in the area, RCMP, Parkland County Enforcement Services and Lightcatch has yielded positive results in specific cases and across the region. We were also pleased to see a lower crime rate in the region compared to other areas in the province with similar economies. If you have not already, please visit their website, Facebook page, and download their app.Please check them out at: or email them at

SPDCPA was pleased to provide sponsorship to the following community events this year:
  • Kinsmen Rodeo - night security
  • Licence Plate Secure Fastener Campaign - RCMP
  • Local Business discount book - in support of local businesses hit hard by the pandemic
  • Summer dunk dump freeze fundraiser - proceeds towards the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program Parkland
  • Parkland Kinsmen Christmas Hamper
SPDCPA has also been replacing and installing rural crime watch signs throughout our area this year. So, if you see a sign on our rural roads that needs replaced or would like a sign replaced, please contact us.

Blueberry District Crime Watch Association was excited to launch their new Facebook page so please check them out at Blueberry District Crime Watch Association.

Holborn and Area Community Crime Watch Association (HACCWA) held an on line 50/50 raffle, online meat draw, and online crime prevention coloring contest. HACCWA would also like to thank all the new members from Jackfish Lake association that have joined this year.

Our social media coordinators have been active updating crime events on Facebook to keep our members informed by providing email updates to our members as well as crime prevention strategies.

SPDCPA would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our local groups and members for all of their support and work that they have done in our communities this year. If you are interested in becoming a member, or joining our board please contact us or one of the groups in your area. Our new website address is In the meantime, you can email us at:, or connect with the individual groups above through their Facebook page.

Stay safe and remember, we truly are the “eyes and ears” of our communities so continue to report crime and suspicious activity.

President and Board of Stony Plain and District Crime Prevention Association

Blueberry District Crime Watch Association
East Parkland Crime Watch Association
Golden Spike Rural Crime Watch Society
Holborn and Area Community Crime Watch Association