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Stony Plain and District Crime Prevention Association
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To become a member of the SPDCPA, you join the group that covers the geographical location in which you live:

Join Our Board or Attend a Board Meeting

We’re always looking for board members and perhaps you’d like to first see what a board meeting is like.

All of our meetings are open and anyone is invited to watch and participate. Just email us if you want to get yourself onto the agenda of the next meeting or just want to attend.

Help prevent crime— get involved!

To join the Stony Plain and District Crime Prevention Association (SPDCPA):

  1. View the map and determine which local chapter you would be joining, based on your home’s location.
  2. Click the button below and then complete and submit the application form, noting the chapter you wish to join.

Membership Benefits

  • A package of information containing tips on home security, personal safety, and other useful information.

  • A property marker (Crime Watch Area sign) for your driveway.

  • Your household is added to the community fan-out system, which advises all Crime Watch members of crimes in the area, meetings, and other special events. This will include being on our email list for events and bulletins.

  • Be advised of opportunities to volunteer in the surrounding communities.

  • Be better educated regarding municipal, provincial, and federal laws.

N.B. There is no need for you to sign up for our emailed bulletin and event notices as you’ll be automatically enrolled for them by joining.

Blueberry W Borders

The territorial area of the Association is bordered: on the SOUTH by Township Road 520 from Highway 779 to Highway 770; on the WEST by Highway 770 (Range Road 23) from Township Road 520 to Township Road 550; on the NORTH by Township Road 550 from Highway 770 (Range Road 23) to Glory Hills Road (Range Road 11); on the EAST by Glory Hills Road (Range Road 11) from Township Road 550 to Highway 16 and by Highway 779 from Highway 16 to Township Road 520; excluding the area within the boundaries of the Town of Stony Plain.

East Parkland W Borders

Geographical area: West of Edmonton city limits and south following the river north of Devon. Our east boundary abuts golden Spike Crime Watch being approximately north and south on pioneer road and north boundary is generally considered Hwy16

Holborn W Borders

The association’s coverage encompasses the area from Township 52, South to the North Saskatchewan River and from Range Road 10 W5th to Range Road 50 W5th.

Golden Spike W Borders

Geographical area: South side of Highway 16A to the North Saskatchewan River from the 5th Meridian east to Range Road 271

Crimewatch Map 1600

If the situation you wish to report is an emergency, of a serious nature, or is currently in progress, you should immediately call 911.

Report a Crime

The Alberta RCMP has a province-wide online crime reporting initiative via a crime reporting tool allows Albertans to report select property crimes. This project has been initiated to ensure the public is able to report select crime types in whatever way is most convenient or accessible to them. A goal for the Alberta RCMP is to make sure all crime is reported, no matter how small. This provides the most accurate crime data and allows RCMP resources to be deployed appropriately in the areas that need it most.

Rcmp Crest Full Colour Sm


Citizens may report the following crimes online:

  • Damage/mischief to property under $5,000
  • Theft of bicycle under $5,000
  • Theft under $5,000
  • Theft from vehicle under $5,000
  • Lost property

Incidents must also satisfy the following conditions to be reported online:

  • No witnesses or suspects
  • Item(s) lost or stolen must cost less than $5,000
  • Vandalized property will cost less than $5,000 to repair
  • There are no items involving personal identity, firearms, licence plates or decals

All crimes reported online will be followed up with a phone call from a police officer in “K” Division’s Call Back Unit (CBU) within five business days. 

If the crime you are wanting to report satisfies the above-listed conditions, you can report it by clicking the button below.